Now supplying the No 1 brand for anti-ageing Elemis

At Bodyscent, we are very proud to announce that we have recently added the iconic Elemis brand to our skincare range. Known as the no. 1 brand for anti-ageing, it shows that we understand what consumers want and we look forward to working with Irish pharmacies, supplying this excellent beauty brand.

Elemis is known for delivering proven results with feel-good skincare products through its cutting-edge patented technology. It’s a brand that prioritises skin wellness, sensorial feel-good formulas and totally transparent innovation. In fact, it was voted Best Premium Skin Brand by the UK Sunday Times Style in 2020 and will fit in well amongst our wonderful range of premium brands here at Bodyscent.

Best-selling brand

This best-selling premium brand includes the Pro Collagen, Dynamic Resurfacing, Superfood and Ultra Smart lines. As both a brand and a company, Eenis has always focussed on helping skin looks its best and we are proud to introduce this thinking and approach to your customers in retail pharmacies all over Ireland. With a perfect combination of science and style, it is a wonderful addition to anyone’s’ beauty care regime.

Get in touch today and start stocking Elemis – you can depend on Bodyscent to give you great value and exceptional service. We look forward to hearing from you.

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